Anisa Desiyanti


“ Perencanaan keuangan memberi tahu Anda kemana uang Anda akan digunakan, bukan membuat Anda penasaran kemana uang Anda sudah digunakan. ” – Dave Ramsey

Anisa has experience in the field of Finance and Accounting for 6 years in financial consulting services companies and private companies, currently Anisa is certified as a Qualified Wealth Planner. Anisa has knowledge of financial reports and financial records and has the ability to make and understand Financial Health Check Ups appropriately according to the client’s financial condition.

At Vantis, Anisa makes financial plans for several clients, where each client has different financial conditions and different financial goals, from goals for buying a house, buying a car, educational expenses, medical expenses, pilgrimage expenses and what all clients really need in their old age is retirement planning.

Anisa’s goal is to help clients to be able to achieve all financial goals both short, medium and long term so that clients do not feel worried about the financial conditions they are currently facing or in the future.


STIE Indonesia

Bachelor’s Degree, Accountant

Area Of Expertise

  • Financial Planning
  • Accounting

Accreditations, Awards and Accolades

  • Qualified Wealth Planner

We will assist you in your financial needs, monitor your daily portfolio investment using a system-based approach, and help you compile your wealth portfolio that covers your investment, insurance, and all other assets.