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Teguh Budiman,

Founder & Senior Advisor

“ It’s not about having lots of money. It’s knowing how to
manage it.”

My educational background is in engineering. My bachelor’s was in mechanical engineering in Indonesia, and my master’s was in industrial engineering in the US. However, since I have an interest in business and investment, I took some classes in business and finance during my master’s. Then, later on, when I returned to Indonesia, I was hired by Citibank Indonesia and worked there for 15 years in many different areas: operations, credit operations, branch base lending (credit and sales), and retail banking (wealth management). While working for Citibank, I also developed my passion for starting my own business. During that time, I also learned about business and entrepreneurship and created one or two of my own in my spare time.

Finally, in 2013, my partner and I started a wealth management service company based on our knowledge, experience, and background in banking organization and processes and retail banking wealth management. And to ensure the legality of our business, we obtained a license as investment advisors from a government agency in Indonesia and financial planner certification from FPSB Indonesia.

My Biggest Accomplishment As a Business Owner

My biggest accomplishment is to have my company still in business from 2013 until today and entering its 10th year. That is something I thank God for. Another accomplishment is that I was able to switch from an employee’s way of thinking and mentality to the thinking and mentality required by a business owner or entrepreneur.

Setting up a wealth management service company was not easy at the beginning since we had no experience as entrepreneurs. We had just experience, knowledge as bankers, and a mentality as employees. There was no such business model and platform available in Indonesia that I could learn from and copy for our own business. We had to establish our own business model and processes, introduce our business to our important business network and potential partners, and find a technology platform suitable for the business model. Now that the company is up and running, we can continue to improve based on what we’ve learned and gained along the way. To improve our business processes, we even enlisted the assistance of David T. Lord ( and his Visual System of Work, through long-distance coaching.

Starting from just two people, today the company is growing to +/- 20 staff divided into many different teams: Advisors & Paraplanner, Investment & Portfolio Management, Marketing, Finance & Accounting, Trade Operations, Office & Property Management, and Technology. The company is also supported by vendors and partners such as securities companies, asset management, custodian bank, and insurance agency. We also have partners as our experts in the field of Investment, tax & accounting, and legal/law.


University of Oklahoma

MSIE, Industrial Engineering

Institut Teknologi Indonesia (ITI)

Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

Accreditations, Awards and Accolades

  • CFP – Certified Financial Planner™ by FPSB Indonesia
  • Penasihat Investasi by OJK

We will assist you in your financial needs, monitor your daily portfolio investment using a system-based approach, and help you compile your wealth portfolio that covers your investment, insurance, and all other assets.